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Business consulting start and operation of companies

Anything within Start, Establishment, start-ups, changes, maintenance, operating or re-enveloping, interrogation, downing or deleting all company forms or organizations.

Delivery of duties or forms to Norwegian authorities. Altinn.
For AS: start-ups and operations. Supplying annual accounts, business statements and tax returns. Changes, updates.
For NUF: start-ups and operations. Submitting the usual Return, annual report, the usual Accounts, annual accounts, the Dormant Company Accounts to Companyhouse and taxi report or tax exemption for the English company to HM Revenue (HMCustoms (HMRCC. Changes, updates.
Questions about what pays off best tax and financial, whether are employed in AS/NUF in that take out profits in wages or dividends. Single man enterprise versus AS or NUF as employed.
Not sure what needs or not covered here or what costs, make contact for an uncommittal call.

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